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Who we are


The members of the team introduce pupils to reality and its meaning. They do so by the living example of their own appreciation of reality and its beauty.
Who we are


The members of the team offer a place where every child can feel at home, both in the classroom and in the school community, by being accepted in the community and by learning to appreciate it.
Who we are


The members of the team offer excellent education that enables children to fully develop themselves according to their talents, by combining the latest insights in education with the tools, materials and environments that they require.
Who we are


The members of the team strive to instil openness towards Europe and the whole world to Europe and the whole world, and seek input from international parents, children and educational partners.
Who we are


The members of the team appreciate the Brabant roots of their learning environment, which they see as a source of cultural richness.

Magnolia Foundation was erected in 2016 by expat and Dutch parents, teachers and education experts.

They share the desire to offer high quality, international oriented primary education in the ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Noord-Brabant) region, starting from a Catholic hypothesis.

The existing school system offers ‘international schools’ to expats. However, Dutch children are not allowed to enter these schools and they cannot benefit from the expat children’s cultural richness. At the same time, international children receive no help to integrate in Dutch society. We want to eliminate that pointless separation.

Our Community aims to build an education through which children have every possibility to develop themselves in freedom, because they are shown a beautiful, instructive and clear path by their instructors.

An education offered by the best teachers, with the finest instruments and materials available; an education through which children, starting from a local identity, can learn to value other cultures, while children from non-Dutch cultures can feel welcomed and valued. Thus, children can face an increasingly global world with certainty and self-confidence. Parents contribute substantially to such a school—through their commitment, financially, or by other means.

Our Foundation has been erected to help existing schools develop in this direction, by founding a new (primary) school that offers the desired form of education. The Foundation does so in collaboration with school boards and other private and public partners.

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