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The Magnolia Foundation Team wants to help young people to become themselves by introducing them into reality and its meaning.


Magnolia wishes to foster a good education for children. Education is an introduction to our world (Hannah Arendt), showing that life is worth living. Therefore, Magnolia understands ‘good education’ as education that helps children to become themselves through the experience of meaning. That means experiencing the beauty and value of oneself, of others and of all reality. This can be done in the presence of other children and with the guidance of an adult, whose example they can follow. This also implies the appreciation of the local Brabant culture as well as a strong international, European focus, which brings Dutch and expat children together.

An important part of this education happens at school. Magnolia therefore wishes to help (a) existing schools become better, by (b) starting a new, exemplary primary school.

Magnolia Foundation has elaborated its vision of education in the conceptualization of an ideal school. This vision is laid down in the ‘Adventure of a Question and an Answer’ document. The ‘Adventure of a Question and an Answer’ is the starting point from which Magnolia Foundation wishes to open a dialogue with school boards and other private and public partners willing to contribute to the realization of this kind of education.

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