Magnolia sets out to realize our dream. The outcome of this journey is open: we wish to see how reality will surprise us.

However, we start out with a clear direction and a strong plan, eager to discover our own ‘Adventure of a Question and an Answer’.

Our road map includes the following milestones: first, to open a small school in September 2017, then, a subsidized school in August 2018 or August 2019 at the latest. More detailed steps are shown below:

1 - Teachers1
Core team of teachers formed (April 2017)
2- Website2
Launch of site, launch of communication strategy (May 2017)
3 - Local community3
Introduction of school idea to local community (May-October 2017)
4 - Committee4
Committee of Recommendation formed (June 2017)

11 - small school5
Start small school (september 2017)
8 - Method6
Introduction to school method for parents (September 2017-June 2018)
5 - Agreement7
Intention Agreement with existing school board(s) (October 2017)
12 - Budget8
Budget Project Phase covered (October 2017)

7 - Market9
Core Target Groups Market Research ready (October 2017)
9 - Location10
Location available (January 2017)
10 - Curriculum11
Judgment of Inspection on School Curriculum received (January 2017)
6 - Budget12
Budget for start up phase until break even covered (February 2018)